Ice Slider

The Ice Slider is a slow sinking lipless twitch bait lure from the Captivbait Series. This unique lure contains Surreel’s signature Internal Cube Array System.  This form of technology uses molded transparent cubes to reflect light both internally and externally. Accompanied with a holographic mirror centered inside the body, this series of lures illuminates the water as it swims from side to side enticing any Salt or Freshwater predator to strike.

Action: The Ice Slider posses the “Walk the Dog” (Side to Side) style movement, paired with a rolling action on the surface of the water. Just like a mullet rolling on it’s side while swimming. We call it the “Walk the Mullet” swimming action.


  • Length: 75mm
  • Weight: 1/3 ounce
  • Internal Cube Array System
  • Internal Holographic Mirror
  • Size 1x Single In Line VMC Hooks
  • Electroplated Head, Tail, and Side Fin
  • 5 internal Rattles with Lo and Hi Pitch combination
  • Vertical Belly and Horizontal Tail Keels
  • 3D Molded Eyes
  • Feathered Back Treble Hook
  • Holographic scale and side fin pattern

Additional information

Ice Slider

#01 Chartreuse, #02 Greenback, #03 Old School, #04 Bone, #05 Glass Minnow, #06 Black & Silver, #07 Black & Gold, #08 Sardine, #09 Mullet, #10 Trout, #11 Pinfish, #12 Purple Haze, #13 Electrick Lady


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