Michael Fox, Palm Harbor FL

I have tried several varieties of the Surreel lure and have found them to consistently produce good hits in many situations. There have been several situations where I will work a popular name brand lure with little or no success then throw the surreel and get regular hook-ups over the same patch of water. I truly believe the action, color patterns, durability is better than anything on the market at this time.

Vincent Mai, Daytona Beach

Surreel lures has come out with lures that have been the best for me to use. I have tested them from freshwater all the way to salt. Lots of varieties of fish eat these lures due to the nice swimming action. Try one and you’ll love them!

Scott, FLA

I’ve had a lot of action on the gold Ice Minnow. The specks fight over it and the reds crush it. Nice design Surreel! Thanks!

Justin Aboujaoude, Homestead, FL

Surreel makes an outstanding fresh AND saltwater lure. The Ice Minnow design is like no other. I’ve caught several bass with them and also peacock bass too. Also snook and seatrout demolish these lures.Highly recommend them if you love catching fish because these for a fact will catch the biggem’s!!!

Brenton Roberts, Stuart Florida

Surreel is the stuff! I’ve fished a lot of the big companies baits but nothing like the ice minnow. The action and flash of the lure is awesome in the water. All I know is if I was a fish id eat it! And the fish I’ve caughten on them have obviously had the idea! Will continue to fish these till I can’t anymore. Plain and simple they catch fish!

Crystal, Tampa FL

I love the design of the Surreel lures. Great job Surreel Lures! Can’t wait to reel in my BIG fish!!